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We’ve put together a list of buying tips to help you choose the perfect piece of furniture for you. We hope this helps but if you need any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1) Place an order only when you are confident with your choice!
Choice of furniture is very subjective and only you know exactly what you want. Take your time when selecting models, colours and finish and always feel free to ask questions. Furniture is not replaced on a weekly basis, therefore, place an order only when you are confident with your choice!

2) Accurately gauge and manage your expectations
If the furniture you wish to purchase must closely match the colour of an existing item of furniture you own, you should not rely solely on the colours which appear on your computer screen since photographs can sometimes experience tonal variations. Please contact us and we will endeavor to send you an accurate colour sample by post. Do NOT rely on the good luck charm if your preferences are very precise as this may end up costing you unnecessary handling fees or worse yet, having to make peace with a piece of furniture you do not like!

3) Space is everything!
Measure the space available in your room carefully and compare these measurements with the dimensions of the furniture item you intend to order to ensure the piece will fit in your home. Take a close look at the access points in your home (doors, staircases, sharp corners) measuring where necessary. Again, compare these measurements with those of the item you intend to order to confirm that it will clear all obstacles when it is delivered. If you are in doubt, please contact us.

4) Avoid overexcited ripping and tearing
So you’ve got the item you so anxiously wanted and 10 seconds later, you find yourself to be a victim of the universe as you sit in the pile of packaging you shredded oh so happily to find that the product in your hands is faulty. No manufacturer takes returns unless the item is packed back in its original state. This means, open the packaging with love and care and keep it neat and organised until you’re sure the product is to your satisfaction. Although this only happens once in a blue moon, it’s better to be safe than sorry.