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About Us

Who the heck are we? … and how do we do it?

Home Done Ltd was conceived in April 2014 by three budding entrepreneurs who shared the vision of bringing quality furniture to the middle-class home at prices the average Joe could afford! From living room furniture to the bedroom, we source brand new, quality products directly from manufacturers, taking out the enormous overheads you would otherwise pay at retail furniture stores. With us, you pay the product’s actual worth!

At Home Done, we understand what saving up week after week means to replace a sofa that has far outlived its life. We understand how your monthly payslip compels you to endure the discomfort of those popping mattress springs for just that much longer! We understand how it feels to spend hours going from store to store looking for a bargain you can afford. We, at Home Done, relentlessly do the work for you to guarantee prices no one can beat for the same products you see in retail stores. How do we do it, you ask? Here is how…

Factories and large-scale manufacturers do not entertain individual, retail customers. They serve to supply only to mainstream distributors in bulk quantities with minimal margin per item. The distributors, just as manufacturers, do not entertain the average lingering retail customer and are under contractual obligations to supply only to designated retail stores where we, the general public, go to fulfill our furniture needs. At this stage, the item you are standing in the store to purchase, listed at £650/-, includes the manufacturer’s margin of £100, the distributor’s profit of £150 and the retail store’s overheads and margin of £150. You then walk out from the store having paid £650 for a product that should not have cost you more than £400/-. This is where we step in! We maintain close ties with both local and overseas manufacturers and purchase directly in bulk, storing them in below-market price storage warehouses to reduce overheads. You place your order online with us with confidence, in the comfort of your home and for the exact same item, pay £400/-; which then gets delivered to your doorstep without you having to move a muscle!

We know our products and we would not sell something we would not buy for ourselves. And this why we boldly offer a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products! So where exactly is the catch? Well, there isn’t any! Shop with us with confidence and pay securely with your Debit/Card card or through PayPal. For your peace of mind, we use industry-standard security encryption throughout our website to ensure your transaction is processed safely and smoothly!