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7 Elements To The Perfect Bedroom

We’re often told that our bedrooms should be a “sanctuary,” but what does that mean in practice? And how can our bedrooms be the truly relaxing environments that we want them to be?

Bedrooms should be a place you go to recover from the hardships of daily life, whether it’s working long hours, looking after kids, or battling illness. Rest is recovery, and so a restful night’s sleep is a fundamental pillar of human health.

Of course, before you even embark on creating the perfect bedroom, you need to make sure that the basics are right: that your bedroom is quiet, large enough, and free from light pollution. Beyond that, though, what are the seven elements of a perfect bedroom?

#1: A Mattress Tailored To Your Needs

Back pain affects around four out of five adults at some point in their lives, with more than 2.5 million adults in the UK reporting that they have back pain daily. With such dire statistics, you’d expect that the topic of mattresses would be on everyone’s lips, but strangely, the humble mattress often gets overlooked.

Mattresses come in a range of materials and firmnesses. Most people prefer standard mattresses made using coiled springs in the firmness range of 6 to 8.

Your mattress should be soft enough so that your weight is spread evenly across the surface, preventing pressure points, but firm enough to avoid excessive curvature of the spine.

Mattresses come in a range of sizes designed to complement your bedroom, depending on how much space you have. Sizes range from small UK singles, which measure 190cm long and 75 cm wide, to UK super king size, measuring 200 cm long and 180 cm wide.

#2: A Sizeable Wardrobe

If you have a lot of clothes, you would ideally like somewhere to store them all. The problem for many people, though, is that they just don’t have the right storage. More often than not, people improvise and put extra clothes away in plastic tubs out of sight, never to be worn again.

Great bedrooms provide space for their occupants to store all their clothes, presenting them with all of their options up front. There are many different kinds of large wardrobes on the market, including sliding wardrobes (for smaller bedrooms), hinged door wardrobes, and corner wardrobes, designed to make use of all the available space in your room.

#3: Dimmable Lighting

Science suggests that humans need to avoid light at night to get a good night’s sleep. Many experts recommend that people stop using phones and other devices before they go to bed because the light they emit can disrupt natural sleep cycles. There’s also evidence that being exposed to bright lights tricks the brain into thinking it’s morning, discouraging sleep.

Dimmable lighting allows you to bypass this quirk of biology while simultaneously providing enough light for you to see what you’re doing before you fall asleep.

#4: The Right Bed

Beds come in all different shapes and sizes, offering a variety of functions that may be beneficial, depending on your needs. Ottoman storage beds, for instance, are great for those who have space concerns because they open up, providing storage space underneath. Adjustable beds allow you to alter the shape of the mattress to relieve pressure and provide maximum comfort.

The bed you choose, ideally, should be a combination of both form and function: it should be beautiful, but at the same time, fit in with the surroundings.

#5: Selecting A Mirror

Ideally, you’d like to have a mirror in the bedroom so that you can see what you look like as you get ready. But selecting a bedroom mirror can be a challenge.

If you have a dresser in your bedroom, it might be best to opt for a table mirror. Table mirrors are relatively small and designed to rotate to eye level.

If you don’t have a dresser and live in rented accommodation, a standing mirror could be a better choice. These mirrors are tall, like wall mirrors, but have fold-out legs that support them, so there’s no need to drill mounting holes in the wall.

Finally, regular wall mirrors are ideal if you own the property you live in because they maximise available space.

#6: Cosy, Warm Rugs

For bedrooms to be the ultimate retreat, they have to feel like it. Hard floors are a big no-no in the bedrooms because of the harsh underfoot feel. A cold, stark floor is the last thing that you want to feel as you get out of bed on a cold, weekday morning.

Rugs come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, designed to fit your bedroom. Ideally, you’ll want to place the rug underneath your bed so that it extends out around it, providing a space for you to put your slippers on or walk to the ensuite.

#7: Selecting The Perfect Storage

We’ve already talked about storage a fair bit, but it’s worth pointing out that bedroom storage goes well beyond the wardrobe. Not only do you need space to hang suits, dresses, coats and jackets, but also places to keep the rest of your clothes too, not to mention all your shoes. Furthermore, if you lack space in the rest of your home, you may want to keep additional items in your bedroom.

  • No bedroom is complete without a laundry basket. Laundry baskets are great for depositing dirty clothes when you don’t want to leave them on the floor or just put them back in the wardrobe.
  • Wicker storage baskets are another great addition, providing a neat and tidy way to store non-clothing items, like candles, toiletries, towels, and bedsheets.
  • Ottoman storage boxes can double up as seating, so you have somewhere to sit in your bedroom, besides atop the bed, when you want to chill out and read a magazine.
  • Chest of drawers help you keep your underwear and socks out of sight while providing all the space you need for trousers, skirts, belts, and other garments.


With the right storage, bedding, and lighting, your bedroom can be a truly restful sanctuary. Use these seven elements to construct the perfect bedroom environment so that you can get the convenience and sleep you need to be your best self.